Gain Switched Comb Lasers

Pilot Photonics uses a proprietary technique known as gain switching for generating optical combs. In contrast to most optical combs which are defined by a fixed optical cavity, Pilot’s combs are defined by a controllable RF drive signal. This makes them suitable for monolithic photonic integration, and increases the precision, accuracy and flexibility over existing comb generation techniques. This means that single chip comb-enhanced PICs can be produced at wafer scale today.

Integrated comb line selection

Many photonic applications can be enhanced through the use of phase coherent wavelengths of a comb laser. However, unleashing this power can be challenging. Pilot Photonics has developed the ability to separate the comb lines on-chip while maintaining their synchronicity. This allows the comb laser to be integrated with other photonic components such as detectors and modulators for the manipulation of individual comb lines, or groups of comb lines, enabling advanced functionality.

Photonic Integrated Circuits

Pilot Photonics develops monolithic III-V PICs that encapsulate its gain switched comb laser technology and on-chip comb line selection which enables their integration with advanced photonic components such as high speed modulators and detectors. These comb-enhanced PICs can be applied to coherent optical communications, mmWave photonics, precision timing, optical fiber sensing, spectroscopy, LiDAR and ranging, and other applications in the digital transformation.

PIC Control and RF

As photonic integrated circuits become more advanced, their complexity grows, and driving and controling them becomes more challenging. Pilot Photonics has developed proprietary control hardware and software with high channel counts for managing its advanced single-chip comb-enhanced PICs. In order to extract the most value from these chips, high-speed frequency or data modulation is often required. To satisfy this requirement, Pilot Photonics has developed unique RF drive and data interfaces for its PICs to ensure high performance in a miniature form-factor.

Pilot Photonics Enabling single-chip photonic integrated circuits with comb-enhanced capabilities at wafer scale, today.

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