Pilot Photonics

Enabling single-chip photonic integrated circuits with comb-enhanced capabilities at wafer scale, today.


Fast Tunable Lasers

Fast Tunable Lasers

Pilot Photonics’ tunable lasers are InP monolithic single mode lasers in the C-band. The lasers exhibit a tuning range of > 30 nm centered at 1550 nm ...
Integrated Comb Laser Assembly

Integrated comb lasers

The iCLA is an integrated comb laser assembly which incorporates a monolithically integrated comb laser and demultiplexer that supplies four or more ...
Wavelength Tunable DML Directly Modulated Laser

Wavelength Tunable DML

Wavelength tunable directly modulated laser is based on a multi-section directly modulated laser design with integrated ...

Comb Source

The Lyra OCS 1000 is an optical frequency comb source based on our patented technology that offers a flat comb of coherent wavelengths with ...
Fast data modulation laser

High speed laser

Pilot Photonics offers DFB lasers with a 3dB frequency response bandwidth above 20 GHz for applications that rely on high-speed ...

ExCELS (in development)

This pluggable module will combine Pilot Photonics’ proven expertise in optical frequency comb (OFC) and laser technologies to deliver ...


A spectrum of a gain switched comb laser at Pilot Photonics

Gain Switched Comb Lasers

The patented gain switching technique creates a flexible comb of coherent wavelengths.
Integrated comb lines on a single chip allows for the integration of other components monolithically such as multiplexers and demultiplexers

Integrated comb line selection

Our photonic integration expertise enables us to design PICs to for a wide range of applications.
Photonic Integrated Circuits by Pilot Photonics

Photonic Integrated Circuits

We encapsulate our comb technology in monolithic III-V PICs that we fabricate with Europe's leading foundries

PIC Control and RF

We have developed advanced drive and control systems for our comb laser PICs


Photonics Solution Design at Pilot Photonics

Photonic Solution Design

Pilot offers “full-stack photonics” with innovative PIC design, supporting hardware design and software development
Design, verification and test at Pilot Photonics

Design Verification & Test

World-class characterization, test and analysis facilities and expertise

Prototyping and Outsourced Manufacture

We partner with leading III-V foundries and global manufacturers
R&D Programmes at Pilot Photonics

R&D Programmes

We have a number of funded programmes running that support the development and validation of our technology

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Pilot Photonics Enabling single-chip photonic integrated circuits with comb-enhanced capabilities at wafer scale, today.

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