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Pilot Photonics, the home of fast tunable lasers, has a team of 24 physicists and engineers, including 9 at PhD level. This team, working since 2015, has designed, produced and patented a novel comb laser following a decade of academic research produced by two Irish photonics centres of excellence, Tyndall National Institute and Dublin City University. The academic research was exclusively licensed to Pilot Photonics in 2014 and thus the company’s proprietary comb laser is now encapsulated in the Photonic Integrated Circuits designed by us and fabricated by three European III-V foundries.

In recent years the company has further evolved its technology to offer fast tunable lasers in the C-band and O-band, high frequency-modulated lasers and integrated comb laser assemblies in miniaturised, monolithic formats or as part as the LYRA range of software-supported benchtop laser modules. 

Pilot Photonics is located in Dublin, Ireland.

Our People

Dr. Frank Smyth is Chief Technical Officer and Founder of Pilot Photonics

Frank Smyth

CTO and Co-founder

Gavin King is Operations MAnager at Pilot Photonics

Gavin King

Operations Manager

Damian McGillivary is the Director of Sales and Marketing at Pilot Photonics

Damian McGillivary

Sales Director

Dr. Desi Gutierrez is Director of Photonics at Pilot Photonics

Desi Gutierrez

Director of Photonics

Jules Braddell is the Director of Engineering at Pilot Photonics

Jules Braddell

Director of Engineering

Dr. Gaurav Jain is the Research and Development Manager at Pilot Photonics

Gaurav Jain

Research and Development Manager

Alison Kearney is a Senior Photonics Engineer at Pilot Photonics

Alison Kearney

Senior Photonics Engineer

Dr. Shane Duggan is Senior PIC Design Engineer at Pilot Photonics

Shane Duggan

Senior PIC Design Engineer

Dr. Ankit Sharma is Senior Photonics Engineer at Pilot Photonics

Ankit Sharma

Senior Photonics Engineer

Chris McGuinness is a Photonics Technician at Pilot Photonics

Chris McGuinness

Photonics Technician

Dr. Robert McKenna is a PIC Design Engineer at Pilot Photonics

Robert McKenna

PIC Design Engineer

Dr. Caolán Murphy is a Photonics Engineer at Pilot Photonics

Caolán Murphy

Photonics Engineer

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Pilot Photonics Enabling single-chip photonic integrated circuits with comb-enhanced capabilities at wafer scale, today.

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