Integrated Comb Laser Assembly

iCLA - Coming Soon

Pilot Photonics’ iCLA incorporates a monolithically integrated comb laser and demultiplexer that supplies four or more simultaneously generated coherent, phased matched outputs on separate fibres, replacing up to 4 integrated tunable laser assemblies (iTLAs). It is designed for driving multiple 400G/800G coherent optical engines on individual fibers from a single laser module.

Low Linewidth

Fast Tunable Laser

Pilot Photonics’ tunable lasers are InP monolithic single mode lasers in the C-band. The lasers exhibit a tuning range  of > 30 nm centered at 1550 nm, with distinct mode-islands and high side-mode suppression ratio. The tuning of these devices rely on reverse voltage controlled electro-optic effect which results in a fast switching, low  linewidth  < 150 kHz and low power consumption. 

20 GHz+ directly-modulated lasers

High-Speed Lasers

Pilot Photonics offers DFB lasers with a 3dB frequency response bandwidth above 20 GHz for applications that rely on high-speed direct modulation.
These lasers are offered in standard 7-pin butterfly package with RF (K) connector, internal thermoelectric cooler, isolator, and polarization maintaining (PM) fiber pigtail with FC/APC connectors.

Optical comb laser module


The Lyra OCS 1000 is an optical frequency comb source based on our patented technology that offers a flat comb of coherent wavelengths with low optical linewidth, tunable wavelength spacing (free spectral range), and excellent stability.


Wavelength Tunable Directly Modulated Laser

Pilot Photonics’ wavelength tunable directly modulated laser is based on a multi-section directly modulated laser design with integrated amplifier and proprietary chirp reduction system. It is ITU-T G.989.2 class 1 compliant. Sampling in high-speed butterfly packages, or benchtop unit with driving controllers now available.

Comb-based Superchannel Transmitter


Pilot Photonics’ TERA-4-TX is a transmit side optical engine for next-generation coherent superchannel transceivers. Designed to be used in high-capacity, highspectral efficiency systems, the TERA-PIC-TX is based on a monolithic indium phosphide photonic integrated circuit (PIC).

Pilot Photonics Enabling single-chip photonic integrated circuits with comb-enhanced capabilities at wafer scale, today.

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