Photonic Solution Design

A major capability of Pilot Photonics is our full stack photonics with innovative PIC design as well as supporting hardware and software development. For laser and PIC innovation, our team of engineers use a suite of commercial design and layout tools as well as proprietary tools and PDKs. We have in-house teams developing high speed RF electronics to drive our comb lasers and data modulators as well as digital electronics for PIC control and management. Mechanical and thermal management tools and expertise enable us to conceive advanced prototypes and low-volume products, while our software teams develop embedded control of our devices delivered through GUI and API.

Design Verification & Test

Pilot Photonics’ world-class capabilities include characterisation, test and measurement facilities ensure that our PIC based solutions deliver the value they promise. Covering the entire spectrum from concept to component, we make use of in-house and partner facilities in Dublin City University, Tyndall National Institute, and Trinity College Dublin. The equipment includes high resolution field and electron microscopes, automated PIC characterisation facilities, high speed RF communication and optical sensing testbeds, environmental test chambers, and much more.

Prototyping and Outsourced Manufacture

Pilot Photonics outsources its PIC fabrication and manufacture to trusted partners with whom our engineers work closely to deliver the company’s advanced photonic solutions. We fabricate our PICs with leading European III-V foundries – each of whom provide unique offerings that Pilot can tailor to each project. For advanced prototyping and production, we work with both local and global manufacturers, for low and high-volume manufacture respectively.

R&D Programmes

Pilot Photonics engages in advanced R&D programmes and customer NRE engagements that align with its technology roadmap and vision for innovation within the marketplace. Our funding partners include the European Space Agency, the European Commission through its European Innovation Council Accelerator Programme, and the Irish Government through its Disruptive Technology Innovation Fund.

Pilot Photonics Enabling single-chip photonic integrated circuits with comb-enhanced capabilities at wafer scale, today.

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