Pilot Photonics offer tunable laser modules, superchannel transceivers and integrated comb assembles
Image: Pilot Photonics team at ECOC 2022. From left to right Damian McGillivary (Sales Director), Frank Smyth (CTO), Gaurav Jain (R&D Manager) and Desi Gutierrez (Director of Photonics)

Pilot Photonics demonstrated three new products at ECOC2022 which emanated from the JePPIX platform. These include a low linewidth fast tuneable laser, an InP-based monolithic single mode laser in the C-band; an integrated Comb Laser Assembly (iCLA) for scaling coherent transceiver capacity, and SuperTROSA™ a comb-based superchannel transmitter.

Low Linewidth Fast Tunable Laser has a tuning range of > 30nm centered at 1550 nm, with high side-mode suppression ratio. It offers linewidth < 150kHz and low power consumption. This laser is currently offered in a standard 14-pin butterfly package, with a thermo-electric cooler, internal isolators, and polarisation-maintaining fibre pigtail with FC/APC connectors. Development in a nano-iTLA formfactor is underway.

The integrated comb laser assembly (iCLA) incorporates a monolithically integrated comb laser and demultiplexer that supplies four or more simultaneously generated coherent, phase matched outputs on separate fibres, replacing up to 4 integrated tuneable laser assemblies (iTLAs). It is designed for driving multiple 400G/800G coherent optical engines on individual fibres from a single laser module. This patented source technology offers the ability to tune the wavelength separation of the four outputs, while maintaining the coherent and phase-matched characteristics, reducing the required DSP complexity

Optical Frequency Comb High Frequency Modulation Laser

The TERA-4-TX is a transmit side optical engine for next-generation coherent superchannel transceivers. It combines a wavelength-tuneable, integrated comb source and demux that supply four simultaneously generated coherent wavelengths to an array of dual polarisation IQ modulators.

“JePPIX has allowed us to offer PICS with enhanced performance and capability and enabled us to target new industry verticals,” says Frank Smyth, founder and chief technology officer of Pilot Photonics. Kevin Williams, Professor and chair of the Photonic Integration group at TU Eindhoven, a JePPIX partner, considers it “an excellent example of how an early-stage company can create new products that may route to production thanks to the JePPIX Pilot Line”.

Source: Optical Connections

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