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NG-PON2 – Coming Soon

Pilot Photonics’ NG-PON2 TOSA is based on a multi-section, directly-modulated laser design with an integrated amplifier and proprietary chirp reduction system. It is compliant with ITU-T G.989.2 class 1. Sampling in high-speed butterfly packages from April 2019. Production devices will ship in bare dies, or TOSA packaged formats, from December 2019.

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Features & applications


  • 4 x 50 GHz NG-PON2 compliant wavelengths
  • Class 1 wavelength switching speed (coming soon)
  • Simple wavelength selection
  • 10 Gbit/s direct modulation
  • Chirp reduction system
  • Cost-effective approach


  • NG-PON2 transceivers
  • Direct modulation architectures up to 40km
Technical specs
195.5 THz, 195.45 THz, 195.4 THz, 195.35 THz
Tuning Time
<10 µs
Data Rate
9.95328 Gbit/s
Output Power
6 dBm
Extinction Ratio
4 dB
Form Factor
Bare die, TOSA, 7pin Butterfly
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