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Nanosecond Pulse Source for TOF LiDAR

Pilot Photonics’ nanosecond pulse source is based on a single mode laser with an integrated pulse carver. It offers optical pulses with high temporal extinction ratio and no pulse pedestals; ideal for applications such as time of flight LIDAR. The device can be provided in a TO-Can, TOSA, or in a high-speed butterfly package, with reference design for integration into customer electronics.

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Features & applications


  • High pulse to pulse uniformity and stability
  • Wavelength in the C-band
  • Peak power > 6 mW
  • High temporal extinction ratio > 27 dB
  • Selectable repetition rate
  • TO-Can, TOSA, or butterfly packaged with integrated TEC, thermistor and isolator


  • Time of flight LIDAR
  • Fiber amplifier seed laser
  • Optical time domain reflectometry
  • Time resolved spectroscopy
Technical specs
ns pulse source for TOF LiDAR
C-band: 1535 nm - 1565 nm
Pulse Width (FWHM)
2 ns, others on request
Repetition Rate
600 kHz, others on request
135 ps
Temporal Extinction
> 27 dB
Peak power
> 6 mW
Spectral Width
0.09 nm (20dB)
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