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Felx Comb Pilot Photonics

The Flexcomb is a key-switched bench-top module producing a flexible optical frequency comb source which is based on our patented gain switching technology. It offers a flat comb of coherent wavelengths with low optical linewidth and tuneable central wavelength spacing. It produces 8 – 25 comb lines and a free spectral range (FSR) of up to 26 GHz.

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Features & applications


  • Stable and robust optical frequency comb
  • Low optical linewidth (80 kHz)
  • Tunable centre wavelength
  • Tunable free spectral range with high accuracy
  • Strong phase correlation between comb lines
  • Polarisation maintaining fibre coupled output
  • Simple, key-switch operation


  • Terabit superchannel transmitters
  • Flexgrid wavelength division multiplexing
  • Generation of millimetre-wave and THz signals
  • Generation of 5G signals
  • Ultra-wideband (UWB) over fibre HD-video distribution
  • Optical signal processing (e.g. optical clock recovery)
  • Precision optical measurements
  • Spectroscopy
  • Sensor interrogation
Technical specs
C-band: 1550 nm - 1565 nm
Free Spectral Range (option 1)
5 - 14 GHz
Free Spectral Range (option 2)
20 - 26 GHz
Number of Comb Lines
8 - 25
Spectral Flatness
5 dB
Comb Bandwidth
250 GHz @-40dB
80 kHz
Carrier to Noise Ratio
5 mW
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