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1Tb/s Superchannel Comb – Coming Soon

Pilot Photonics’ photonic integrated circuit (PIC) comb laser incorporates a monolithically integrated comb source and demux that supplies four or more simultaneously generated coherent, phased matched outputs on separate fibers ideal for 400Gb/s or  1Tb/s Optical Transport and Elastic Optical Networking.

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Features & applications


  • Four or more coherent, phase locked wavelengths on separate fibersfrom a single   package
  • Channel spacing (FSR) adjustable from 10 to 37.5 GHz via provision of an RF Clock
  • Output power of more than +10 dBm per channel
  • High per channel SMSR >35 dB
  • Narrow Linewidth <300kHz per line
  • Low power dissipation <2 W per channel (25C)
  • Compact, hermetic laser package with internal optical isolators
  • Wavelength Spacing Adjustment via K-connector
  • Stable centre wavelength operation, within 2.5 GHz over life for the full-comb
  • Wavelength Spacing (FSR) Accuracy < 200MHz
  • Polarization maintaining fiber


  • Beyond 100G Superchannel Tx & Rx LO
  • Software Defined Optics/Elastic Optical Networking
  • Laser Array replacement
  • NG-PON2
  • Data Centre Interconnect
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