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Optical Frequency Comb Source

Pilot Photonics’ Optical Frequency Comb Source is based on our patented technology and offers best-in-class performance including excellent stability, low optical linewidth and tuneable free spectral range. A wide range of free spectral ranges and wavelengths are available.

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Features & applications


  • Stable and robust optical frequency comb.
  • Low Optical linewidth (<300 kHz).
  • Tuneable free spectral range with high accuracy, through an external voltage.
  • Strong phase correlation between comb lines.
  • Tuneable centre wavelength (on request).
  • PM Fibre coupled output.
  • Simple, push-button operation.


  • Terabit Superchannel transmitters
  • Flexgrid Wavelength Division Multiplexing
  • Generation of millimetre-wave and Terahertz signals
  • Generation of 5G signals
  • Ultra-wideband (UWB) over fibre HD-video distribution
  • Optical signal processing (e.g. optical clock recovery)
  • Precision optical measurements
  • Spectroscopy
  • Sensor interrogation
Technical specs
1310, 1530-1610nm, others on request
Free Spectral Range
5-15 GHz/others on request
Number of comb lines
8 - 25
Spectral Flatness
3 dB
Carrier to Noise Ratio
40 dB
Average power
5 dBm
* Preferred FSR selected on ordering
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