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High Speed Lasers

Pilot Photonics offers FP and DFB lasers with a high modulation bandwidth above 15 GHz for applications that rely on high speed direct modulation.  The laser is packaged in a 7-pin butterfly package with RF (K) connector.

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Features & applications


  • C-band wavelength
  • CW output power > 5 mW
  • High bandwidth > 15 GHz
  • Fabry-Perot and distributed feedback lasers available
  • Compact laser package with RF connector, built-in TEC, thermistor, and optical isolator
  • Single mode or polarisation maintaining fibre coupled output


  • Direct modulation
  • High speed optical communications
  • Gain switching
  • Radio over fibre
  • Laboratory testing and measurement
Technical specs
High Speed/Bandwidth Lasers
1525 nm - 1560 nm
Modulation Bandwidth (3 dB)
15 GHz (FP), 20 GHz (DFB)
Operating Current
40 mA – 60 mA
Forward Voltage
2 V
Carrier to Noise Ratio
40 dB
Optical power
> 5 mW
Input Impedance Matching
50 Ω
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