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Pilot Photonics Ltd

Pilot Photonics Ltd offers unique optical comb source and photonic integrated circuit solutions that it develops as a platform technology applicable to many markets including communication, spectroscopy, sensing, and metrology.

Since its foundation the company has been developing deep IPR around optical comb generation. Through technology development and licensing has a deep portfolio of patents and know-how to several important patents in this field and based on these delivers the world’s most versatile optical comb sources.

Our sources provide a highly stable comb of coherent low linewidth wavelengths. By monolithically integrating these with additional components such as filters, splitters and couplers, we can produce dedicated and unique solutions for use in a multitude of applications.

Pilot Photonics was founded in August 2011 as a spinout company from Dublin City University’s Radio and Optical Communication Laboratory. Supported by Enterprise Ireland, AIB Seed Capital Fund, and several government funded R&D grants, it spent several years developing intellectual property and a capability in photonic integration.

This was quickly followed with a contract win from the European Space Agency to develop PIC-based comb sources for Space Applications. This project is currently being built-upon with an investigation of the use of Pilot’s comb technology as an optimised light source for atomic clock generation.

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Current and previous projects
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Team overview
Frank Smyth
CEO and Co-founder
Jules Braddell
VP of Engineering
Chris Leonard
VP of Sales and Marketing
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